K12’s Ethics Hotline

Our K12 community is essential to supporting students, and their success.  Complying with external regulations and our own internal policies and procedures is vital to the success of our schools and our students. 

K12 is committed to maintaining an environment free from harassment, discrimination, violence, and the use and presence of illegal substances.  Maintaining an ethical, and safe community requires that our community makes a commitment to uphold our values, and ethical standards. 

At K12, we believe that creating an environment where employees feel comfortable raising issues without fear of retaliation is a cornerstone of maintaining ethical, and safe operations.  K12 does not permit, or tolerate any acts of retaliation against anyone who – in good faith - raises an issue, or cooperates with an investigation.  Your reports matter to us, and we take them seriously.

We need our community to raise their hand – to speak up – when you see unethical, or unlawful conduct.  To that end, we have several channels allowing you to raise your hand.  When you see or suspect unethical, illegal, or unsafe conduct in our workplace, you should communicate your concerns to your immediate supervisor, or, if you prefer, one of the channels here. 

You can contact us here:

  • You can contact our Ombudsman directly at ombudsman@k12.com.  The Ombudsman is managed by leaders such as a K12 Attorney, and by a Compliance leader.  Our Ombuds team will ensure your concerns are raised confidentially as outlined in K12’s Employee Handbook.
  • Actual, or suspected violations of K12’s Code of Business Conduct can be reported to the Ombudsman, or via K12’s Speak Up Hotline.  This hotline allows you to raise issues anonymously, and confidentially. 
Though we respond as quickly as possible to your concerns and comments, these hotlines are not a 911 or an emergency service.  Do not use these hotlines to report immediate threats to life, or to property.  Contact local authorities for emergency assistance.